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[IDD #UDQ-160030]: upstream data-feed request

> Unidata,
> I have installed LDM and would like to configure it to receive some
> upstream data-feeds.
> * The name of your site (e.g., University of Elbonia, Mud Science
> Center) - Metstat, Inc.
> * The LDM administrator's
> o Name - Tye W. Parzybok
> o Phone number - 970.686.1253
> o Email address - address@hidden
> * The fully-qualified hostname of the computer that will run the LDM -
> * Desired feedtypes - Public Products Service, Domestic Data Service
> (DDS), and NOAAPORT NEXRAD (NNEXRAD).  My main data needs are
> precipitation (daily, hourly, sub-hourly) and NEXRAD (level II).
> Thank you,
> Tye Parzybok
> --
> ---------------------------------
> Tye W. Parzybok, GISP
> President, Chief GIS Meteorologist
> Metstat, Inc.
> Windsor, Colorado
> voice: 970.686.1253
> email: address@hidden
> web: http://www.metstat.com
> ---------------------------------
Hi Tye, 

It appears that you are a commercial entity.

The Unidata Program Center feeds only universities and research institutions as 
chartered by our funding via the NSF.

Private entities at times work with local/nearby universities to obtain data 
feeds, the Unidata Program Center does not control that, that choice falls with 
the university, as it will be there obligation to support you as well as 
provide the feed.

If I have wrongly placed the commercial moniker upon you, please let us know.


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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Ticket ID: UDQ-160030
Department: Support IDD
Priority: Normal
Status: Open