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[IDD #FHP-502048]: LDM not starting at SIO

Hi Mary,

> Thank you for letting me know you received my message this morning.
> Please note I sent a similar message last week to the following
> address:
> address@hidden
> and did not get such a ticket response. Perhaps this is the wrong
> address to use?

We did not receive a message from you last week.  We (Steve Emmerson, and I
checked our spam boxes to make sure that your message was not inadvertantly
deep-sixed, but we found nothing.  So, the first I knew of your problem was
this morning.

Immediately after seeing your message this morning I logged onto aeolus as 'ldm'
and tried starting the LDM.  As with you, I was unable to do this.  I took
a look at the LDM log file:

<as 'ldm'>
cd ~ldm
less logs/ldmd.log

and saw that there was a typo in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf on line 56:

Aug 11 16:33:12 aeolus rpc.ldmd[5837] ERROR: String too long 
Aug 11 16:33:12 aeolus rpc.ldmd[5837] ERROR: Invalid feedtype expression "AN" 
near l
ine 56, file "/home/ldm/etc/ldmd.conf": unknown feed name in feedtype 
Aug 11 16:33:12 aeolus rpc.ldmd[5837] NOTE: Terminating process group 

The typo was the inclusion of a '"' (shifted quote) in the middle of 'ANY'
in an 'allow' statement.  I corrected the typo and then started the LDM with
no problems.

> Thanks again!

No worries.


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Ticket Details
Ticket ID: FHP-502048
Department: Support IDD
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed