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[IDD #DGI-628379]: Data access questions

> I recently registered myself as a Unidata user and I'm in the process of
> installing IDM, but I'm unclear as to whether I'll be eligible to
> received IDD data feeds.
> Can you please tell me whether there are any addiitonal requirements --
> e.g. institutional membership -- that I'll need to fulfill once I get
> IDM installed?
> Thanks,
> Mike Lucks
> National Security Technology Division
> Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
> Laurel, MD 20723
> 443-778-3520

Hi Mike, 

Unidata's mission is to serve universities and research organizations.

Johns Hopkins, has participated in the past, and is welcome to participate 

Once your LDM is installed, please respond back with the fully qualified 
machine name that the LDM is running on, AND the desired feedtypes, please see:


Unidata will then direct you to an appropriate upstream feed.

Note: The LDM machine will need BOTH forward and reverse DNS lookup.



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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Ticket ID: DGI-628379
Department: Support IDD
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