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[IDD #SJH-789523]: LDM - High Resolution visible images

Hi Eric,
> Thank you very much for the detailed response. Your assistance is
> appreciated.

No worries.

> Is there a resource anywhere that can tell me what exactly is in the
> NIMAGE datastream and how how I would go about limiting the request if so
> desired?

The best way to do this is to use the LDM 'notifyme' utility to list out
the products from the datastream desired.  For instance, try the following:

<as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vxl- -f NIMAGE -o 3600 -h idd.cise-nsf.gov

The listing will look something like:

Jun 02 23:16:46 notifyme[22223] INFO: 7d9b7f7b1eb6246634aaecbce76b6761    42942 
20080602222603.720  NIMAGE 54036  satz/ch1/GOES-12/SOUND-14.06/20080602 
2146/EAST-CONUS/10km/ TIGE43 KNES 022146
Jun 02 23:16:46 notifyme[22223] INFO: 9d484df4f0bb770a1cd23f4a1f40a527   221520 
20080602222603.746  NIMAGE 54037  satz/ch1/GOES-12/13.3/20080602 
2215/EAST-CONUS/8km/ TIGE06 KNES 022215
Jun 02 23:16:46 notifyme[22223] INFO: 529bf1d4fadf457b11a042b95acbd261    82378 
20080602222604.775  NIMAGE 54038  satz/ch1/GOES-12/SOUND-11.03/20080602 
2146/EAST-CONUS/10km/ TIGE48 KNES 022146
Jun 02 23:16:47 notifyme[22223] INFO: e3764a6e831184ffc687bab2f153f2ad   122814 
20080602222610.958  NIMAGE 10766191  satz/ch1/GOES-12/3.9/20080602 
2215/PR-REGIONAL/4km/ TIGP04 KNES 022215
Jun 02 23:16:47 notifyme[22223] INFO: b3602a368e993961b8da9bd3c56d1a75 17758577 
20080602222604.080  NIMAGE 54035  satz/ch1/GOES-12/VIS/20080602 
2215/EAST-CONUS/1km/ TIGE01 KNES 022215
Jun 02 23:16:47 notifyme[22223] INFO: 75cbb3fe16508d163859dbb38c3b5edb    86440 
20080602222613.385  NIMAGE 10766204  satz/ch1/GOES-12/WV/20080602 
2215/PR-REGIONAL/4km/ TIGP05 KNES 022215
Jun 02 23:16:48 notifyme[22223] INFO: d62371b4955efaedae117f2dc56d6167   137756 
20080602222630.061  NIMAGE 10766228  satz/ch1/GOES-12/IR/20080602 
2215/PR-REGIONAL/4km/ TIGP02 KNES 022215
Jun 02 23:16:48 notifyme[22223] INFO: 3d38933d53e91dfbcd2398fad30f266c    34570 
20080602222630.064  NIMAGE 10766229  satz/ch1/GOES-12/13.3/20080602 
2215/PR-REGIONAL/8km/ TIGP06 KNES 022215
Jun 02 23:16:48 notifyme[22223] INFO: 7c340717caa7bff6e1b826cc0752e33c  2298750 
20080602222629.457  NIMAGE 10766227  satz/ch1/GOES-12/VIS/20080602 
2215/PR-REGIONAL/1km/ TIGP01 KNES 022215
Jun 02 23:16:48 notifyme[22223] INFO: 0f2b791d5c8bd1f7a23e49e0f2904e8c   167942 
20080602222632.177  NIMAGE 10766272  satz/ch2/GOES-11/3.9/20080602 
2216/AK-REGIONAL/8km/ TIGA04 KNES 022216
Jun 02 23:16:48 notifyme[22223] INFO: 875ab2145bd05e77f7c5fa9d51dddba0    17948 
20080602222632.183  NIMAGE 10766273  satz/ch2/GOES-11/WV/20080602 
2216/AK-REGIONAL/16km/ TIGA05 KNES 022216
Jun 02 23:16:49 notifyme[22223] INFO: 758e902c0fab262b23a3474cefd495b2   159394 
20080602222632.205  NIMAGE 10766274  satz/ch2/GOES-11/IR/20080602 
2216/AK-REGIONAL/8km/ TIGA02 KNES 022216

The product IDs for the NIMAGE datastream are pretty clear:

GOES-12 -> GOES-East
VIS     -> visible image ( 0.65 um)
3.9     -> short wave IR ( 3.9  um)
WV      -> water vapor   ( 6.[58] um) (depends on GOES-East vs GOES-West
Ir      -> thermal IR    (10.7 um)
13.3    -> long wave IR  (13.3 um)

One ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf request for GOES-East VIS images only would look like:

request NIMAGE "GOES-12/VIS" upstream.feed.host

There are others that would also work depending on which products you want.
Use the '-p' (pattern) flag on 'notifyme' to test your patterns:

notifyme -vxl- -f NIMAGE -o 3600 -h idd.cise-nsf.gov -p 'GOES-12/VIS'

Refine the pattern value to get just the set of images you want and then
use that pattern in the ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf request line.  After making
the addition/change to ldmd.conf, you will need to stop and restart your
LDM for the change to take effect.

re: which package will you be using
> This is going to be used primarily with garp, so I guess gempak is the
> software package of choice. I believe that is the only software package
> that will be needed so keeping the data compressed should not be an issue.

OK.  You should be aware that GEMPAK has a script that can be run to generate
ldmd.conf and pqact.conf entries.  Please review the GEMPAK HomePage for

Unidata HomePage:
  GEMPAK HomePage
    Site Configuration for Products
> Thanks again,

No worries.


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