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[IDD #WHP-619598]: NLDN access

> Hi,
> I am interested in setting up an LDM/IDD connection to access the NLDN
> lightning Unidata feed here at Harvard, and I was curious to find out
> what exactly that would entail.  David Knight suggested that I talk to
> you.
> Thanks so much,
> Lee
> Lee Thomas Murray
> PhD Student, Harvard Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group
> Pierce Hall G3B, 29 Oxford St
> Cambridge, MA 02138
> +1 (617) 496-4676
Hi Lee, 

Apologies for the late response...long weekend :)

First, you would need to install the LDM, please see:


Second, once we can verify (see you electronically) your LDM is up and running 
we will contact SUNY-Albany on your behalf.

Someone at Harvard had the LDM running in the past, but that machine is no 
longer reachable, it was:

administered by:
Nick Dechman    

..not really an issue (as that machine is no longer alive), more of an fyi...it 
is always best to be prudent with bandwidth, so we prefer not to have multiple 
LDM's requesting externally.

Let us know when you have the LDM up and running (should not take more than 
10-30 minutes)and then let us know the IP # and FQDN of the machine the LDM is 
running on,  and we will proceed from there.

If you encounter problems installing the LDM, please send your questions to:


...or just respond to this message once you are ready to begin ingest of the 
NLDN data feed.



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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