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[Staging #KYN-678004]: ldm problems on ingest

Hi Greg,

The majority of us are at the AMS meeting in New Orleans. Since we are attending
presentations and meetings, we will not be able to concentrate on your problem
for a few days.

Also, I assume you know that Steve Chiswell left Unidata for a new position
in Georgia.  This loss has lessened our ability to respond expertly to
GEMPAK problems.  Crashing of DCMETR is definitely a GEMPAK-related problem,
not an LDM one.

The best advice I can offer you at this point is to rename the 5.11.1 decoders
that are experiencing problems and roll back to the version you were using
before your upgrade.  This assumes, of course, that you were not experiencing
the crashing problem before the upgrade.

Without having looked at the specifics of your problem, I would venture to
guess that it is somehow related to use of a binary that was built on an OS/
OS version that is different from the one you are using.  If this is the case,
your eventual best action would be to build the executables on your own
system.  Again, since Chiz is not available, our ability to help you do
the build on your system is currently not as good as we would like.


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