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[TIGGE #EEC-237791]: Memory problem with LDM Server at CMA

MA Qiang,

I logged onto tigge-ldm.cma.gov.cn as the LDM user and looked around.
I didn't find anything wrong, but I did notice that the LDM log files
don't contain any messages from the LDM system -- only from
invocations of the "pqinsert" utility.  A system logging daemon
(syslogd) is running, it's configuration-file (/etc/syslog.conf)
appears to correctly handle messages from "local0", SELINUX is
disabled, the LDM appears to have been built to use the "local0"
logging facility, and the "hupsyslog" utility is set-uid and owned
by root.  I don't understand, therefore, why the LDM system isn't
logging to ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log.  Do you know why?

Are the LDM log messages going into the system log file
(/var/log/messages)?  If so, can you allow the LDM user to access

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: EEC-237791
Department: Support IDD TIGGE
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