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[IDD #PLF-256397]: Pqact help

Hi Phil,

> Thank you very much for your help.

No worries.

> I utilized the PIPE option and
> STDIN in my Perl script -- everything seems to be working fine.


> Just to clear up one point: the line below PIPE (passed as a command
> line parameter) is also passed to the Perl script via STDIN?

No.  The product contents itself is passed via STDOUT from by pqact
(and read using STDIN in your Perl script).  The next line (could have been
on the same line) is a command line parameter passed to your Perl script.

> I understand I will need that to write the incoming data to its
> specified location.


> Would the command line parameter be the first "line" of the STDIN?

No, you would pick up the name of the file to write as the first parameter
passed to the script.  The product contents is the only thing that needs
to be read from STDIN.

> Also, Is it safer/faster to write the file first and then do the
> processing?

Actually, the order you do your processing should not make a difference since
the same amount of work will be done in either case.

> Or just do the processing "on the fly" in the script?

If you have no need to write the product to disk, then it would likely be faster
to not write the product to disk.  I was under the impression, however, that
you did want the product written to disk.

> Thanks again for your help; I really appreciate it.

No worries.  I'm glad to hear of your success!


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