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[IDD #VLO-822087]: Real-time nexrad data

Hi Chris,

> I have been in contact with the thredds support team about real-time
> nexrad radar grib2 files.  They recommended to me contacting you about
> the possibility of using an IDD data push to retrieve such files. 

I was in on the conversation regarding your "scraping" of our THREDDS
site for radar data, and, in fact, I was the one who recommended that you
consider exploring the possibility of a real time feed of the data you
are looking for.

> The idea right now
> would be for my being able to retrieve nexrad radar data every 20 to 30
> minutes or so in grib2 format.

Neither the Nexrad Level II (full radar volumes) or Level III (products) data
is in GRIB[12] format.  The only ones that I know of that are in GRIB format are
the composites that we create from the Level III products.  It is possible that
the THREDDS interface can convert to GRIB on the fly, but our LDM/IDD push-based
feeds do not.  I will chat with the THREDDS guys to see if this is what is

Exactly which radar products were you getting?

> I thank you for your time and would much appreciate the ability to use
> this data.

> Please let me know if this is
> a possibility or if there is anything on my end you would need to make
> this data available.

It is possible that one of the Unidata university participating sites will
be willing to feed you the data you are looking for using the LDM/IDD.
The Unidata Program Center (us) will not be able to provide the feed directly
without some sort of quid pro quo arrangement (i.e., the feed to you would 
have to have tangible benefits to the Unidata community) as we are funded
by the National Science Foundation to support universities in the access-to
and use-of data.

When we know exactly what radar data you are interested in and where you
are located, we will pursue locating a Unidata university that might be
willing to provide you with a feed.  The arrangement that you and the
site come to is (e.g., quid pro quo, etc.) is up to the site and you; we
will not be involved in your arrangement.

In looking over my reply, I am left with the impression that it may come across
as being very harsh.  Please know that my comments are not meant to sound/be
harsh. Email is such a poor medium for conveying any sort of tone... :-)


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