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[TIGGE #BGR-338705]: A problem when perform LDM tests

Hi YangXin,

re: I suggest that it is time to switch to use of port 388 exclusively
> OK.

Whenever you are ready...

re: latencies being reported for products injected on tigge-ldm.cma.gov.cn have 
baseline of approx. 900 seconds

> I have checked my LDM Server tigge-ldm.cma.gov.cn, the time for this server 
> is set
> to BST (London Time), the hour is GMT+1, the minute is the same as the 
> standard time.

I am a bit worried about your clock being set to a timezone that is different 
where you actually are.  I will touch base with others here in Unidata to see 
if this
is a potential problem.

> Because we have a NTP daemon running on each node to control the time 
> synchronization,
> the clock should be very close to standard time and it really is the case.

OK, but I can not understand the high (~900 second) baseline for the latencies 
products injected on tigge-ldm.cma.gov.cn, and I do know that this can and will 
a problem when downstreams reconnect after remaking their LDM queues.

> Before switching to port 388, I'd like to try one more test in another node 
> whose
> physical configuration is similar to "tigge-ldm.cma.gov.cn" node. You don't 
> need to
> change anything, I will simply stop current test LDM Server, and configure 
> another one
> in the new node, the IP address will be kept the same. 


> Then I'll have a new test LDM Server with the latest version of LDM and a 
> larger PQ.
> Also, I'd like to use TIGGE-Scripts to insert data instead of REQUESTing data 
> from an upper-stream.
> Hopefully, the latency will reduce to a normal level. If it would be true, 
> then the latency
> problem probably come from somewhere else related to my LDM Server.

OK.  I am leaving yakov's setup to request data.


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