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[IDD #VJN-743814]: GEMPAK

Hi Massoud,

> Thanks for getting back with me. I'll update my
> syslog.conf file on Thursday and run through the command
> lines you mentioned in your email. I'll get back with you
> on my progress on that day as well.

Sounds good.

> In the meantime, I wanted to ask you a question about
> using decoders on GEMPAK. Is there a way I can decode any
> weather data that's being feeded and processed into my
> Linux machine and be able to convert them to ASCII text
> format?

GEMPAK has utilities that can be used to list data as ASCII text.
This is typically for point data (surface observations, etc.), and

> For example, can I use a decoder that will
> convert PNG compressed McIDAS AREA ( e.g.,
> IR_20070703_1830), GINI, and GRIB2 format to text format?

I am not sure if it has the ability to dump/list other types of
data in ASCII format.  This is a question better posed to our GEMPAK
expert.  I will create a new ticket in the GEMPAK department for

> My supervisor and I want to examine these converted text
> formats for our research purposes, which hopefully will
> include series of numbers, latitude, longitude, etc.
> Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

I can tell you that McIDAS (the package I support) does have the capability
of dumping/listing a wide variety of data in ASCII format. The only snag for
you using McIDAS is you will need to get it directly from the Space Science
and Engineering Center (SSEC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Our
license to distribute McIDAS only allows us to give it to educational
institutions.  NASA/AMES falls into the category of a government lab, so
SSEC requires that you contact them directly for the package (address@hidden).

> Happy 4th of July!

You too.  Today will give me a chance to catch up on an onslaught of email
that I have received over the past couple of weeks :-(


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