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[TIGGE #BGR-338705]: A problem when perform LDM tests

Hello YangXin,

> Following your hints on the creation of a reagular expression, I can save the 
> receiving DONDUIT products into files now, one thing I am still not sure 
> about is where I should use <tab> and where I should put a <space>. Is it a 
> rule of "regular expression" or a rule of the LDM?

The syntax for entries in the "pqact" configuration-file is specified
Basically, a <tab> character or a <newline> character followed by a
<tab> character must follow the feedtype (e.g. CONDUIT), pattern (e.g.,
".*"), and action (e.g., FILE) fields.  After the action field, you
may use either tab characters or space characters.  So, for example,
your entry can be


Because it's difficult to remember where spaces are allowed, I
recommend always using tab characters unless you truly want
to specify a space (as you did in the regular-expression field).

Steve Emmerson

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