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[IDD #EEH-918211]: LDM - Network Issues...

Hi Mike,

> It never rains but that it pours...


> Everything runs perfectly... except I'm not getting any data!
> So, in running the utilities from your suggested Web page
> "Troubleshooting the LDM" under the latency issues, I ran ldmping.  I
> received the output as above (the attached file).

We did not get an attachment in your note.  Please resend the file
or clip out the first few lines of the ldmping output and send it
along in the body of an email.  Also, please (re)send your ldmd.conf
and pqact.conf file contents as these will help us to see what is
going on.

My best guess as to what is going on is that something changed with
your system DNS/IP/name setup so that whatever machine(s) you are requesting
data from do not have a ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf ALLOW action that allows
your machine to request data.  Either that, or your request line(s)
are pointing at a machine that is not responding for one of a variety
of reasons.

> I note there is a problem with portmapper and related daemons.  Does
> that refer to those daemons on the remote (upstream) host or my local
> host?

The LDM may complain that it can't reach the portmapper on the machine
it is trying to request data from.  This does not necessarily represent
an error.  The portmapper comes into play only when the machine being
contacted does not respond to the request on the standard LDM port, 388.

> If it's the upstream host, I'll write to the administrator there.  If
> it's on mine (and I can't think of why that should be; I checked those
> daemons here and they work just fine), but suggestions are welcome.

The information from your ldmping output and contents of ldmd.conf should
point to the problem immediately. I ask for your pqact.conf contents to
make sure that your action(s) will process data once it is received.

> Man, I must have been born under an unlucky sign...

A lot of times folks run into problems after a full OS reinstallation since
DNS for their machine may have changed, etc.

> By the way, your URL instructions were just excellent this time around !!

Very good.

By the way, we are curious if your previous note regarding the LDM installation
instructions indicated that you were were working through the LDM workshop
instructions or those in:

Unidata LDM HomePage
  LDM 6.6.3 home page
    Installing, Configuring, and Activating the LDM System

All of the steps for installing the LDM are included in a single page in
the third link from the last page:

Installing from Source-Code

The only thing potential problem I can see is if one descends into the
links labeled as 'Workshop-specific instructions'.  Otherwise, the instructions
are basically an ABC of how to do an LDM installation.


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