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[#RFZ-122547]: Re: Re: More data to send from CMA


> > As far as I'm concerned, ECMWF should request data from CMA.
> Done.

Oh dear.  I keep forgetting that people sometimes listen to me.

If your connection to CMA uses port 388, then it seems likely
that the throughput from CMA to ECMWF will be insufficient
because traffic on that port appears to be restricted (see
my previous reply to Doug).

> > Are you saying that CMA should receive 169 gigabytes per day from
> > ECMWF even though ECMWF is the source of only 140 gigabytes per day?
> Doug has replied to you. I hope it is clear.

I think I understand.  ECMWF is responsible for "injecting" into
the TIGGE LDM network data from ECMWF, the UK Met Office, and JMA.
This data is not injected anywhere else.  ECMWF was responsible
for injecting data from CMA that CMA was also injecting, but
that is no longer the case.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Steve Emmerson

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