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[#RFZ-122547]: Re: Re: More data to send from CMA


> ECMWF is not sending old CMA data to NCAR. We are getting real-time data
> via ftp as 1 tar file and then we are inserting it in LDM (for NCAR and
> ECMWF to archive in their TIGGE databases).

Sorry.  Instead of "old" I should have said something like "data that is
not currently being inserted into the LDM product-queue on the CMA
computer".  My bad.

My point is still valid, however.  The CMA data that ECMWF inserts into
ECMWF's product-queue and that is sent to NCAR via the LDM makes
interpretation of the volume time-series plots very difficult.  We see
NCAR receiving data created at ECMWF that is not received by CMA and
are left to wonder if it should or should not have been received by

> Last night, I did restart LDM, which activated Mike's 'balance'
> mechanism. Since then, one of our work filesystem got full because we
> have several cycles of data outstanding to be ingested in LDM. Does the
> 'balance' cause any overhead ?

The overhead from "balance" is negligible --- all it's doing is reading
from port 8080 and writing to port 388 on the same computer.  These
operations are in-memory and very fast.  I suspect that a much greater
effect on throughput is the non-availability of the bandwidth being
used to send CMA data from ECMWF to NCAR (bandwidth which would,
otherwise, be used to send ECMWF data to NCAR).

Steve Emmerson

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