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[LDM #EAS-993522]: FW: DREN Ticket 3475

Martin, Larry, et. al.,

> I'm not sure if you can do any of this, but I know I can't.  Perhaps
> this is something that needs to be addressed by the Unidata support
> people?

I logged onto aeolus as 'ldm' this afternoon to look around.  I note
that the last log entry (~ldm/logs/ldmd.log) that mentions
sirocco.metoc.nrlmry.navy.mil was from 11:13:22 UTC on February 20.
Since then, there do not appear to have been any connection attempts.

Just to make sure, I restarted the LDM and watched machines reconnect.
There has been no reconnect attempts by sirocco.metoc.nrlmry.navy.mil
since the LDM restart.

> This seems to have occurred about the time the new ldm version went live?

I don't think so.  aeolus.ucsd.edu has been running LDM- since June
14, 2006, and both LDM machines at met.sjsu.edu are running LDMs of equivalent

rossby.met.sjsu.edu [6.4.4] <- released December 5, 2005
sundog.met.sjsu.edu [6.4.5] <- released March 3, 2006


Does the following mail snippit mean that sirocco.metoc.nrlmry.navy.mil
is unable to get data from two different upstream LDMs:

> >From: Frost, Mr. Michael [mailto:address@hidden]
> >Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 21:22
> >To: DREN NOC; Cunningham, Mr. Don
> >Cc: Cotham, Dr. Joseph
> >Subject: RE: DREN Ticket 3475
> >
> >Hi: Here are the POC's at the two remote sites.
> >
> >1) SJSU (
> >- Mike Voss, address@hidden
> >
> >2) UCSD (
> >- Larry Riddle, address@hidden
> >
> >Please work this out directly with them, if possible.

If yes, I would think that the problem is closer to 
metoc.nrlmry.navy.mil than to either ucsd.edu or met.sjsu.edu.

To whoever is running the LDM on sirocco:

Please try the following and report the results:

<as 'ldm'>
ldmping aeolus.ucsd.edu
ldmping rossby.met.sjsu.edu

If these show that your LDM can contact the LDMs on these upstream sites,
please try the following and report the results:

notifyme -vxl- -f NNEXRAD -h aeolus.ucsd.edu
notifyme -vxl- -f NNEXRAD -h rossby.met.sjsu.edu


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