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[IDD #NBS-812379]: LDM and IDD


> I would like to receive the near time weather information via IDD, but I
> see you have a restriction on Unidata Member Universities.

That is correct.  Unidata is funded by the National Science Foundation to
service the university community.

> I'm really not interested in the entire stream, just certain subsets.
> Level 3 data and Data from the SPC.

The NEXRAD Level III data is available via NOAAPORT broadcast.  Have you
considered installing a NOAAPORT reception system to get the data?

> If there is any information you can pass along to me about receiveing this
> data I would very much appreciate it.

Although the UPC (Unidata Program Center) can not provide you with the data
you seek, one or more Unidata universities might be willing to do so.  The
easiest way to determine if there is a university willing to relay the data
to you via the IDD is to post your request to the 'ldm-users' or 'needdata'
email lists that we maintain.  Since users must be subscribed to our lists
before they can post, you should subscribe to either/both of these lists
before posting.

You can (un)subscribe to any Unidata-maintained email list online at:


If you decide to subscribe to repost your message, please wait until
you have received notification of being added to the list before your

Also please NOTE:  posting of email consider to be spam to lists we maintain
will result in immediately being unsubscribed AND banned from the list(s).

> As with the outage last week with the NOAA Level 3 internet data, I am
> looking to provide a back up to prevent that from happening again.

We understand your desire, but we are unable to provide the service you
are seeking.  Your best bet is to establish a relationship with a Unidata
university who is willing to relay you the data you seek.


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