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[Support #NKX-533675]: Performances issues with large ldm queues


> Does that mean that all ldm must be upgraded at the same time?

Not because of the LDM, itself.  In the LDM system, the MD5 signature is 
computed only once, when the data-product is created.  Thereafter, the 
signature is only used by the LDM system to determine if the data-product is 
already in the product-queue.  Consequently, changing the procedure by which 
it's created only affect the system that's creating the data-product.

If, however, the MD5 signature is used by processes outside the LDM -- such as 
an ancillary process that verifies reception of data-products -- then, yes, 
that and similar processes would have to know about the new procedure for 
computing the MD5 signature.

Steve Emmerson

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