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[IDD #ZUF-651607]: ldm at sao tome

Hi Waldenio,

> We are here in CBMET,

I hope the weather is nice.  It snowed here at my house this morning
and is supposed to get very cold later tonight.  The _high_ temperature
tomorrow is forecast to be 14 F (-10 C).

> and Mohan would like to show more about IDD in Africa.

I am sure that Mohan has told you about our test feed to Mali.  Moving
the IDS|DDPLU data works pretty well even though the link is satellite

> We have another ldm working in africa. It is idd.meteo.st
> (Sao Tome e principe). Can you get the coordinates from
> this country

I did a Google (tm) search using 'Sao Tome e principe' as the search
key and was sent to:


The link:

Geografia dea ilha

indicates that Sao Tome lies at 1N, 7E.  McIDAS indicates that Principe is
at 1:39 N, 7:25 E:

IDN   ID     Station Name         Data Types        ST CO LAT        LON        
----- -----  -------------------- ----------------- -- -- ---------- ---------- 
61934 FPPR   Principe             M 36                 ST    1:39:00   -7:25:00 
61931 FPST   S. Tome              M 36RT               ST    0:23:00   -6:43:00 
Number of stations listed: 2

>and add in the IDD database ?

I will pass the location for Principe above along to Chiz to get this added to 
IDD map.

> Many Thanks,

No worries.  Have fun at CBMET!  I know that you lived in Florianopolis for
two years, so you must know the best places to go and things to do...

Please say hello to Justi, David (if he is there), Guilherme, Assuncao, Pedro 
and Augusto (and Oswaldo if he is attending) for me, and let them know that I 
not being able to attend the congress, but I hope to see them in the not too
distant future!

Just so you know, I will be presenting a paper on the IDD at the Internet2 
in Chicago next Tuesday.  The international collaborations that this has helped
build will be a central theme.


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