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[IDD #OAL-164339]: Unidata IDD Questions

Hi Tom,

> My plans have firmed up.  I will be arriving in DEN Tuesday Nov 14 at
> ~8:00am.  I suppose a start time of 10:00 am would be appropriate (I was
> thinking 9:30, but that may be pushing it with getting rental car and
> all...)

It may be close.  My experience is that it typically takes about 20-30 minutes
after landing to proceed to baggage claim; then another 30 minutes or so
to get a rental car; and then 55 minutes to drive from DIA to Boulder.

> Please let me know if this works,

This works for me...  I will make sure to get into the office by 9 and be
waiting for you.

> and supply any information needed to
> visit your facility, including directions.

I would visit www.google.com/maps for your directions:

- Use 'Denver International Airport' as the value for the 'Search Maps' entry
- click on 'From here' in the 'Get Directions:' portion of the Address: balloon
- enter '3300 Mitchell Lane, Boulder' as the 'End address'
- click on the 'Go' button

I would then make a hardcopy of the directions you are given.

As I mentioned above, our office is located at 3300 Mitchell Lane in Boulder.

Our building is on the southeast corner of Mitchell Lane and 47th.  It is the
building with the "pinkish" colored reflective windows.  Since the main
entrance to the building is on the south side, you will need to go through the
parking lot.  The parking lot is straight in front of you when you turn onto
Mitchell from 47th St.

The Unidata offices are on the first floor of 3300 Mitchell Lane in the
corridor off to the right as you enter the building.  The main office
is the first door on your right in that corridor.  We will meet in our
main conference room as long as it is free (havn't checked yet).  Otherwise
we will meet in a small conference room just off of our main office.

I will be on the lookout for you, so you can't go wrong.  My office number
is 1322, and my phone number is 303.497.8642.

> It will just be me visiting,
> but we may desire to have a few people dial in.

No problem.  We can setup a conference call if/when needed.


Unidata User Support                                    UCAR Unidata Program
(303) 497-8642                                                 P.O. Box 3000
address@hidden                                   Boulder, CO 80307
Unidata HomePage                       http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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