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[TIGGE #SHQ-122936]: tigge logging not working on ultrazone


> As root I can run from the ldm directory
> bin/hupsyslog
> and it immediately returns with no messages.

Does the hupsyslog(1) utility return with no error messages if you execute it 
as the LDM user?

> For a time I was getting an error when starting the LDM about lack of
> permission to send a HUP signal and
> I discovered I had neglected to follow the 'make install_setuids'
> instruction. Once I did that the error went
> away -- but still no logs.
> I'm guessing that suggests that setuid programs are allowed for root.

The disapearance of the "lack of permission" error message does, indeed, 
suggest that hupsyslog(1) is setup correctly.

Does the whitespace in the file /etc/syslog.conf comprise only tabs and no 

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: SHQ-122936
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