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[IDDBrasil #MUW-463845]: IDD feeds to Cabo Verde

Hi Waldenio,

> I am getting some troubles to send testing data from
> CPTEC to Cabo Verde.
> Yesterday I connected in CPTEC by ssh and put the
> allow lines.
> But seems like the IP here are all dynamical (even
> the router !).

That is bad for the LDM/IDD.

> Now I am unable to connect to CPTEC to put another
> allow line (Internet too low !).
> I Sent an e-mail to yoshihiro to allow portuguese
> connections to Aveiros university, but I think that
> he still dont read my e-mail.
> Could you put an allow line in the IDD server to my
> machine here ? Now the IP is �� the
> machine do not has a name.

I added allows for all machines in the 195.8.11.xxx subnet.
As long a the dynamic IPs stay in the same subnet, feeds
should work.

> Thanks

No worries.

> Waldenio Gambi de Almeida
> Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
> Centro de Previs�o de Tempo e Estudos Clim�ticos
> Divis�o de Operacoes
> Rodovia Pres. Dutra, km 40
> Cachoeira Paulista/SP - 12630-000
> Brasil
> Phone   : (12)3186-8541 / (12)9776-7805
> e-mail : address@hidden


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