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[IDD #EYV-163625]: problem at unidata.at.fcen.uba.ar

Hi Gustavo,

> There is a problem at
> unidata.at.fcen.uba.ar
> There was a crash and since September 02 the input data is not more
> available.
> Could you please check it 

I just saw your message (I am currently in Hawaii on a short vacation).
I logged onto unidata.at.fcen.uba.ar and did the following to get data
flowing again:

1) login as the user 'ldm'

2) make sure that the ldm is not running:

   ldmadmin stop               <- if the LDM was not running, this might
                                  give an error that you can ignore

3) clean up:

   ldmadmin clean

2) delete the LDM queue:

   ldmadmin delqueue

3) make a new queue (using the fast option):

   ldmadmin mkqueue -f

4) start the LDM:

   ldmadmin start

You can follow this same procedure to get the LDM running again
after a crash (and not have to wait for us).

> And is there a problem with our clock?.

What is wrong with your clock?  I did a quick check of the time
and believe it to be close.  I will take a closer look as time

> When running these commands (you wrote a time ago)
> cd ~ldm
> ldmadmin clean
> ldmadmin delqueue
> ldmadmin mkqueue -f
> ldmadmin start
> the WS said there is a mistake.

Can you remember exactly what the error message was?

> It&#146;s necessary to say that we are using the user "gempak".

The LDM is stopped/started/maintained out of the 'ldm' account

> Is  the user ldm only for Unidata?

No.  I setup three accounts for Unidata packages on unidata.at.fcen.uba.ar:

ldm    - start/stop/maintain the LDM
gempak - run GEMPAK
mcidas - run McIDAS

> I mean are these command  the way to solve this problem?

Yes, but they must be run from the 'ldm' account.  They
will not work from the 'gempak' account.  NOTE: they should
_never_ be run from the 'root' account (i.e., you do not want
the LDM running as 'root').

> Thank you very much.

No worries.


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