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[IDD #CSR-396593]: [Fwd: Re: NEXRAD Level II data]

Hi John,

re: setting up NEXRAD Level II IDD feed
> What do we need to do to get our feed started?

This should be very easy:

- verify that there is both forward and reverse DNS for the machine on which 
you will
  run your lDM.  You may need to talk to your IT people about this.

- install a current version of the LDM on your Unix/Linux

  <as user 'ldm' on your machine>
  cd ~ldm
  ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
    <user> anonymous
    <pass> address@hidden
    cd pub/ldm/beta
    get ldm-

  (we are suggesting using the beta instead of the released
  6.4.5 distribution)

  zcat ldm- | tar xvf -
  cd ldm-
  make install
  sudo make install_setuids

  cd ~ldm
  ln -s ldm- runtime
  ln -s runtime/* .

  mkdir util decoders

  -- edit your shell definition file (e.g., .cshrc for Cshell; .bash_profile 
for BASH, etc.)
     and set your PATH to include the ~ldm/bin, ~ldm/util, and ~ldm/decoders 

- contact your upstream site(s) to ask for feed permissions:

  Gerry Creager <address@hidden>

  You will need to provide Gerry the fully qualified name and IP address of your
  LDM host.

- configure your LDM to request data from Texas A&M.  You will, of course, first
  need to decide how much of the NEXRAD2 feed that you want to get.

- configure your LDM pattern-action file(s) to do something with the NEXRAD 
  II data.  The possibilities for processing are limitless.  What you do will
  depend on your ultimate objective.

> Thanks...

No worries.

Please don't hesitate to send questions/comments to address@hidden.

> --
> John M. Trostel
> Senior Research Scientist
> Georgia Institute of Technology
> Atlanta, GA 30332 USA


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