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[IDD #UHT-859681]: using LDM-delivered data at RENCI

Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to provide a small clarification to something that Jeff

you said:
> I was told by a colleague at another university institution that local
> universities are not allowed to redistribute data.

Jeff said:
>> That is not correct, you can.

You can redistribute any data _EXCEPT_ those in restricted datastreams.
Again, the datastreams with restrictions are currently:

NLDN (lightning)
PCWS (profiler)
GEM (CMC model output)
NOGAPS (FNMOC model output)

In addition, data that are restricted by WMO Resolution 40 can not be
reintroduced into their country(ies) of origin _unless_ it is explicitly
for educational and/or research use.  Unfortunately, it is virtually
impossible to detail which products have WMO Resolution 40 restrictions
on use since the list is constantly changing.  If you have plans for
redistributing any of the data that you receive in the IDD, it would be
a good idea for you to review the WMO Resolution 40 issue.  We have
a web page that can help you sort through the various documents
related to WMO Resolution 40 at:

Unidata HomePage


    There are guidelines for using these data

If your desire is to relay data to US institutions of higher education,
you will have no worries about relaying any of the non-restricted
IDD datastreams.

I hope that this clarification helps...


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