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[IDD #INB-206452]: Trying to configure LDM software

Hi Andŕes,

> Well, i do the steps that you told me and everythings works fine, i dont
> know the speed of the connection but is the connection of the university but
> we dont have Internet 2 yet. Thanks again for the help.

I see that you configured your LDM to report real time statistics back to

Real-Time IDD statistics
  Statistics by Host

The latency graphs for the CONDUIT and NGRID feed show that you were receiving
the data for a period this morning up to about 10 UTC.

> Now my question is, how to extract the information specifically of these two
> feedtypes from the product queue to a file in the hard disk,

This is the function of the LDM 'pqact' facility.  One or more invocations of
'pqact' can be run at LDM startup from 'exec' lines in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf.
The default configuration for running one sucy 'pqact' invocation is:


exec "pqact"

This runs actions from the default pattern-action file ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf.
One possible dispostion of a product processed by 'pqact' is FILE.  FILE
writes the product to a disk file using a name which you specify in a
pqact.conf entry.

> i was test with
> NGRID, but i think that i dont have the correct syntax in the grammar of the
> FILE sentence.

One thing to keep in mind when writing pqact.conf entries is that some of the
whitespaces in the file _must_ be tabs, not spaces.  For instance, in the 
pqact.conf entry:

# RUC2 model on Lambert conformal CONUS grid
HRS     ^Y.W... KWB. (..)(..).*/mRUC2
       FILE    data/rawfiles/\1_ruc2.wmo

the whitespace between HRS and ^Y is a tab; the whitespace before FILE is a tab;
the whitespace between FILE and data/rawfiles/... is also a tab.

The first thing you should do when writing new pqact.conf entries is check
their integrity using ldmadmin:

-- write a new pqact.conf entry
ldmadmin pqactcheck

If 'ldmadmin pqactcheck' returns an error, then you have some sort of a
syntax error in the edit you just made.  You should reedit the file
and correct the error and then rerun 'ldmadmin pqactcheck'.

> I was wondering if exits a specific manual that explain the
> diferents grammars for each feedtype or if i doing some wrong in the
> pqact.conf file, i dont know :S.

I think you are really asking about the product identifiers that the
regular expression in a pqact.conf entry matches on.  No, there is
no specific manual that explains how to do this for different feedtypes.
Instead, what you should do is use the LDM 'notifyme' facility for
looking at the products you are receiving so you can see what the
product identifiers are for each product for each feed:

notifyme -vxl- -f CONDUIT -o 3600
            ^   ^          ^_____________ look for products received in
            |   |                         the past 3600 seconds
            |   |________________________ specify which feed to look for 
products in
            |____________________________ log verbosely with output going to 
the terminal

Example notifyme output for CONDUIT data will look something like:

/local/ldm% notifyme -vxl- -f CONDUIT -o 3600
Jul 27 21:22:37 notifyme[59963] NOTE: Starting Up: localhost: 
20060727202237.545 TS_ENDT {{CONDUIT,  ".*"}}
Jul 27 21:22:37 notifyme[59963] NOTE: LDM-5 desired product-class: 
20060727202237.545 TS_ENDT {{CONDUIT,  ".*"}}
Jul 27 21:22:37 DEBUG: NOTIFYME(localhost) returns OK
Jul 27 21:22:37 notifyme[59963] NOTE: NOTIFYME(localhost): OK
Jul 27 21:22:38 notifyme[59963] INFO: af844006192cca3daeb92210e851660c   127078 
20060727205127.798 CONDUIT 038  
!grib/ncep/RUC2/#252/200607272000/F003/PRES/hybrid_lev_39! 000038
Jul 27 21:22:38 notifyme[59963] INFO: 8b87d0ac1d7627bbfa81f519dd39bcac   118612 
20060727205127.814 CONDUIT 041  
!grib/ncep/RUC2/#252/200607272000/F003/PRES/hybrid_lev_42! 000041
Jul 27 21:22:38 notifyme[59963] INFO: b2bea86139e0bdab599d5fa28f579a2e   101682 
20060727205127.850 CONDUIT 048  
!grib/ncep/RUC2/#252/200607272000/F003/PRES/hybrid_lev_49! 000048
Jul 27 21:22:38 notifyme[59963] INFO: 5833b4e320a282d4c10002c420d572a0   135544 
20060727205127.865 CONDUIT 051  
!grib/ncep/RUC2/#252/200607272000/F003/HGT/hybrid_lev_2! 000051
Jul 27 21:22:38 notifyme[59963] INFO: ea2c341f54d133ad81ed896e983ab019   127078 
20060727205127.896 CONDUIT 058  
!grib/ncep/RUC2/#252/200607272000/F003/HGT/hybrid_lev_9! 000058
Jul 27 21:22:38 notifyme[59963] INFO: 18225b765868263562c13c61d8f62db9   127078 
20060727205127.909 CONDUIT 061  
!grib/ncep/RUC2/#252/200607272000/F003/HGT/hybrid_lev_12! 000061

The product identifier for the last product listed above is:


The pqact.conf regular expression can match on any or all of the fields in a 
product identifier, and
those matches can be used in the action itself.  For instance, you may want to 
use the fact that
the model used to create the last product was RUC2 (which you won't get if you 
are just requesting
global GFS model data).  Here is one example:

CONDUIT   RUC2/..../(............)/F(...)/(.*)/
     FILE    -close

A file named HGT_00607272000 will get written to the ~ldm/data/conduit/ruc2 
directory.  Also
note that the FILE action will create all needed directories as long as the 
user running
the 'ldm' has write permission for the top level directory where data is to be 
(i.e., ~ldm/data in this case).

> Thanks , and i hope  you can help to me with this.

If you continue to have problems, please send us your pqact.conf file so we can 
at the entries you made and figure out what the error is.

(sorry if you receive this mail many times, is because no notification
arrive to me with the others mails) ;)

We only send out an autoresponse upon receipt of the original inquiry.  
email exchanges on the same topic (i.e., including the ticket id (INB-206452 in
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