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[IDD #XUP-484000]: LDM GTS

Hi Dave,

> Is anyone making the GTS available through an ldm? I figured this has
> probably come up in your international wheelin' & dealin'. There are
> some products on the GTS we'd like access to.

The IDD contains all of the GTS data that the NWS considers necessary
for its operational use.  Needless to say, this is not the entire GTS
stream, but it is quite a bit of it.  Please check the contents of
the IDS|DDPLUS datastream available in the NOAAPORT broadcast/IDD.

> [We are very GTS-illiterate here, so any info would be appreciated].

We have lobbied the NWS for inclusion of all GTS data in NOAAPORT for
years now.  Each time, we run into the same brick wall: "products
included in NOAAPORT are those needed for operations".  Our
position is that the NWS now has plenty of bandwidth in NOAAPORT
to include all GTS data.  Who knows, this might happen in the future :-)

Also, the European EUMETCast broadcast now carries full GTS data (I just
talked to Volker Gaertner about this the week before last).  The African
and (new) South American EUMETCast broadcasts do not (yet) have the
GTS stream.  Volker seemed to think that they might at some point in the
future.  If they start broadcasting all GTS data to South America, we will
likely try to collaborate with one of our international users/partners
to ingest the data and then add the missing products to the IDD.

> Thanks!
> dave


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