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[IDD #MGD-613537]: idd.geo.nsf.gov status

Hi Art,

> Can you tell me the status of idd.geo.nsf.gov?  I tried connecting this
> morning but it just kept dropping the connection.

atm.geo.nsf.gov lost a CPU on Friday, April 14.  After a service visit,
we found that the root filesystem was badly damaged.  Given the length
that the machine would be down, we decided to take the opportunity
to do multiple upgrades: the OS, RAID, Ethernet interface (moving to
Gigabit and large frames), etc.  At the same time, NSF IT mandated
that the machine be moved to a different subnet, so we decided to not
put it back into operation until after the move.  We brought the
machine back up to exercise the LDM reinstallation, NOAAPORT ingest
upgrade and file system repairs, but we decided to not allow non-UPC
IDD connections until the machine has been moved to the new subnet.
We are hoping that the move will be soon, but we have no control over
the schedule.

As soon as atm has been moved to the new subnet (cise-nsf.gov), we
will announce the need to change ldmd.conf request lines to the
ldm-users email list.

Sorry for the downtime.


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