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[IDD #FGX-292038]: U.Wash. internal LDM delays in CONDUIT

Hi David,

> I am receiving the LDM CONDUIT feed on sage.atmos.washington.edu from
> freshair.atmos.washington.edu.  Starting last week, when Harry Edmon
> went on vacation, we started getting some significant delays in
> receiving data -- up to 40 minutes.

I would have to happen when Harry stopped looking :-)

> Today, the 2006042012 ETA 104
> grids came in 60 minutes later on sage than they did on freshair.
> Harry thinks this is due to "an increase in radar data that happens in
> the Spring".  I find this hard to believe when the current national
> radar shows a pretty benign picture.

I am also unconvinced that this would be due to increased radar volume.

> I've looked at
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/rtstats/iddstats_nc?CONDUIT+freshair.atmos.washington.edu
> and don't see anything bad.  My load level, write speeds, and overall
> health of sage seem fine/normal for everything else.  Do you have any
> ideas for helping me diagnose this problem?

Not right off.  Would it be possible to modify sage's ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file to
add in reporting of real time stats?  This would help document the time delays
or point out potential problems like a discrepency in the real time clocks
on freshair (which appears to be correct) and sage.

Also, please let us know what kind of systems both freshair and sage are.  I 
to remember that freshair is running Linux, but what distribution/version,
and what about sage?  The output of 'uname -a' on both systems would be

> I can run bin/ldmadmin watch to see what's arriving on sage, is there
> an equivalent way to monitor what is being sent from freshair that
> runs on freshair?

You can monitor what is being received on freshair by using the LDM
utility 'notifyme':

<as 'ldm' on sage>
notifyme -vxl- -f CONDUIT -h freshair.atmos.washington.edu

> Thanks for any help or advice,

Turning on real time stats reporting on sage would be a big help in
troubleshooting your problem.


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