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[TIGGE #CUA-629523]: Re: dataportal not receiving data from tigge-ldm.ecmwf.int


> Hi,
> >
> >
> > Try using netstat(1) to verify multiple listeners.  Then, stop everything, 
> > restart, and see if you get multiple top-level LDM-s again.
> >
> I have done as suggested. I attach the output of 'netstat -p'
> (netstat.tigge-ldm). Then I have stopped LDM and killed remaining
> processes. Note that 'ldmadmin stop' complains about a non-existing PID.
> I attach the list of actions I've taken (actions).
> I attach a new output of 'netstat -p' (netstat.after.tigge-ldm). I also
> attach the output of 'lsof|grep unidata' after restarting LDM
> (lsof.tigge-ldm). And finally, I attach the log of the restarted LDM.
> Now everything seems back to life. Can you confirm ?

Interpreting the log file is complicated by the number of processes writing to 
it.  As far as Dataportal is concerned, however, most of the entries are like 

Apr 14 21:50:11 tigge-ldm dataportal[15562] INFO: Connection from 
Apr 14 21:50:12 tigge-ldm dataportal(feed)[15562] NOTE: Starting Up( 
20060414205011.023 TS_ENDT {{ANY, "^z_tigge_c_ecmf.*
\.grib:.*(11|31|51|71|91)$"}}, Primary
Apr 14 21:50:12 tigge-ldm dataportal(feed)[15562] NOTE: topo: 
dataportal.ucar.edu {{ANY, (.*)}}

(Thank goodness for grep(1) ! :-)

There are 19 entries like the above -- corresponding to the 19 patterns 
requested by Dataportal.  Therefore, your LDM system appears to be working (at 
least as far as Dataportal is concerned).

Steve Emmerson

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