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[IDD #NOY-159685]: LDM on allegan is dying

Hi John,

> We are having issues with allegan not storing data again.
> I suspect that it is a directory/permission issue.

The way things were left in our previous interaction was data
processing on allegan was turned off by commenting out:

exec "xcd_run MONITOR"
exec "pqact"

in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf

The reason I turned data processing off was I was not sure if
the output directory that was to be written to was shared
between allegan and webcat.  I just logged onto allegan
as 'ldm' and turned the above two items back on (uncommented
them in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf) and restarted the LDM.  Data is
being ingested and processed as it should be.

> I have
> replaced the 18GB disk for /data with a 36GB disk for
> /var/data transfering the data using ufsdump/ufsrestore.


> Allegan is receiving data as viewed by 'ldmadmin watch'
> but webcat is not receiving any data as viewed by 'ldmadmin watch'

OK, this is a different issue than allegan not processing data.

> We just had another group that was attempting to resolve a firewall
> issue with webcat that has been resolved.but I don't believe they had
> to modify anything on webcat to resolve the issue.
> Ultimately we would like to set up a redundant feed for webcat
> in the event allegan is not providing data..

I logged onto webcat and saw that it was unable to receive data from
the LDM on allegan, so my gut feeling is that there is a problem with
a firewall somewhere.  To test this hypothesis, I did the following:

- stop the LDM on webcat
- modified ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf request lines to also request data
  from idd.unidata.ucar.edu.  I modified all request EXCEPT the on
  for NLDN since this feed can only be made point-to-point from
- restarted the LDM and then ran 'ldmadmin watch'.  Since data began
  flowing in, I am further convinced that there is a firewall configuration
  somewhere in the path between webcat and allegan that is not allowing
  port 388 activity

> /var/data/ldm/ldm.pq doesn't seem to be updating after the initial
> /etc/rc3.d/S90ldm start

See above.

For now, I suggest leaving a redundant feed to allegan and 
for all feeds except NLDN on webcat.   This will give you the redundancy you
are looking for.

What is needed now is a request to Dr. David Knight of SUNYA for an allow
for NLDN data directly to webcat.  I will send an email to David requesting


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