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[TIGGE #CUA-629523]: Re: dataportal not receiving data from tigge-ldm.ecmwf.int


> It appears that the TIGGE connection between tigge-ldm and dataportal
> has reverted to a
> state where the problem of a few days ago is recurring. The dataportal
> logs are again
> continuously reporting messages like:
> Apr 13 17:43:59 dataportal tigge-ldm[15199] NOTE: nullproc_6 failure
> to tigge-ldm.ecmwf.int; RPC: Timed out
> Apr 13 17:43:59 dataportal tigge-ldm[15199] NOTE: LDM-6 desired
> product-class: 20060413164359.510 TS_ENDT {{ANY,
> "^z_tigge_c_ecmf.*\.grib:.*(13|33|53|73|93)$"}}
> I am wondering if perhaps the number of streams might play a role in
> the stability of the system.
> Currently dataportal is setup (somewhat arbitrarily) with 20 streams.
> Is it possible that this is too many and
> occasionally causes problems given other fluctuations in the state of
> the network?

While the number of TCP connections can affect total throughput (some TCP 
implementations are affected this way) problems like the one you describe 
should, very definitely, be independent of the number of TCP connections.

What does a traceroute(1) show?  ping(1)?  ldmping(1)?

Steve Emmerson

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