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[IDD #LNL-619813]: Is there a page on how thr CRAFT/NEXRAD2 feed works?

Hi Gilbert,

> Thanks for all of the info! Now, another question...and I don't know what
> address this should go under. :-)

I am leaving it under support-idd for now...

> I discovered to my horror Friday afternoon that when I turned on the
> entire CRAFT feed, my load avserage shot up to...and was sustained at...
> 7. This is on 3 GHZ P4, IDE hard drive (that probably doesn't help).
> I need help on something.

How did you have the processing setup?  What I mean is how many pqacts
were you running in order to try and write the data to disk?

> I'd like to grab the data from all 134 sites. And, store it for a week or
> so.

You will need a lot of disk to do that.  Also, it would be wise to do
the processing on a machine that is _not_ relaying data.

> But I can't do that with my current equipment. If I offered to do that
> as a THREDDS server, Web server, McIDAS ADDE server...

Just a quick comment: McIDAS ADDE does not (yet) serve the Level II data.

> would it be worth my
> trying going for a grant to get something that could handle it? It would
> also be used here at NIU, my interns from the Meteorology program here
> would use it for case studies and real-time nowscast training.
> What do you think?

We can't advise you to submit or not submit an Egrant proposal.  I can
confidently tell you, however, that if you do not submit a proposal,
then you will definitely not get funded :-)

> Thanks for any info!

No worries.


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