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[IDD #FHP-105287]: IDD alternate feed

Hi Kenji, 

Great, we are seeing your stats..thanks!

For a failover, let's use:


we do NOT have a back-up for the NLDN data, nor for the data coming from Utah.

Also, we will be releasing LDM 6.4.5 in the coming days (maybe a couple weeks), 
and we encourage you to upgrade your LDM at that time...an announcement will 
made on ldm-users at the release time.

If you desire assistance in that process please contact:


> Jeff,
> Thank you for your reply.
> I add the line and restarted our ldm.   We are still running v.6.1.0.
> Our feeders are
> flood.atmos.uiuc.edu  (all)
> striker2.atmos.albany.edu (nldn)
> cirp.met.utah.edu (experimental data)
> Again, thank you for your help.
> Kenji


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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