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[IDD #JAE-706027]: upstream feedsite for virginia.edu

> Steve,
> Okay, seems like its all installed and ready to go. Now, I don't know who
> to request data from. I get data from ldm.meteo.psu.edu as a leaf node on
> my other machine (running a version of the ldm that is woefully out of
> date...but it works, so......)
> At this time, I am definately NOT trying to reproduce what my other machine
> does, in fact, for the time being, I would like to get only some of the
> CONDUIT feed on this new machine (and that will keep me busy for a while).
> So, who should I request from?
> Regards,
> Steve Emmerson
Hi Jenny, 

You can point your request for CONDUIT to:


Please let us know if you encounter any problems..


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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Ticket ID: JAE-706027
Department: Support IDD
Priority: Normal
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