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[IDD #SKM-230294]: ldm CONDUIT feed missing

> FYI,
> After I switched feeding CONDUIT data from idd.unidata.ucar.edu over to
> atm.geo.nsf.gov, I started receiving the data.  Unlike before where the
> CONDUIT data would trickle out, it all came in ok overnight.  Hopefully
> that will be the solution.
> Dave
Hi Dave, 


Does not looks as good as it should or could.

I would have been surprised if switching to ATM made much of a difference, only 
issue is if they were packet shaping per feed (host) in which case you may have 
been able to skirt the upper boundary by ingesting from two hosts...That does 
not appear to be the case.

Have you heard back from IT regarding volume shaping on port 388?

It would be nice to have that info before we continue more problem solving...

I do not think you are saturating the whole pipe, which points me still to 
volume (packet) shaping.


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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