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20051118: IDD feeds from LSU to Mississippi State U. (cont.)

>From: Robert Leche <address@hidden>
>Organization: LSU/SRCC
>Keywords: 200511181500.jAIF0b7s013521 IDD ACARS GEM FNMOC NLDN

Hi Bob,

re: prohibition of redistribution of restricted feeds

>thanks for the clarification, we are not receiving the 

OK.  I would suggest -- for your future convenience -- that you structure
your ldmd.conf allow lines to look like:

allow   ANY-NLDN-WSI-PCWS-GEM-NOGAPS    \.edu$          # All US .edus

This contains the current list of feeds which can not be relayed:

NLDN   - NLDN lightning data from SUNY Albany
WSI    - NEXRAD Level III composite imagery from WSI Corporation
PCWS   - ACARS data from NOAA/GDS
GEM    - GEM model data from CMC
NOGAPS - NOGAPS model data from FNMOC

If you decide to receive any of these feeds in house, you don't
have to worry about them being relayed outside of your university.
If you want to relay any/all of these _inside_ your university,
you can always add an allow line _before_ the general allow:

allow   ANY    \.lsu\.edu$          # All LSU machines
allow   ANY-NLDN-WSI-PCWS-GEM-NOGAPS    \.edu$          # All US .edus

 -- or --

allow   ANY    \srcc\.lsu\.edu$     # All LSU/SRCC machines
allow   ANY-NLDN-WSI-PCWS-GEM-NOGAPS    \.edu$          # All US .edus



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