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20051101: NGRAPH


No, the NGRAPH and NPOINT types are not used for our idd
data streams at this time. The data types are reserved
for future use, but are not synonymous with the FOS 
idd stream types currently produced from NOAAPORT.

The Redbook products are found in Unidata's HDS idd stream,
which is where the non-text portion of the NWSTG data stream 
is being placed.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

>From: "Jordan Gerth" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200511011603.jA1G377s016515

>We are trying to ingest redbook graphics via the LDM 
>(using WMO at the current time).  Is the NGRAPH feed 
>operational?  Is it more equipped with graphics than what 
>normally is sent via the streams combined in WMO?  If so, 
>where would be a good place for us to request from?
>Jordan Gerth
>CIMSS/SSEC - Madison, WI
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