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20051031: IDD latencies

>From: "Patrick L. Francis" <address@hidden>
>Organization: BGSU
>Keywords: 200510312116.j9VLGv7s008531 IDD

Hi Patrick,

>latency issues have arisen for me again... I
>can only assume it is BGSU problems
>note two topology maps
>and standard latency graphic
> u

After looking at the latency plots for unidata.bgsu.edu on the rtstats
pages, I am left with the conclusion that your ingest problem is
probably at or near BGSU (I conclude this since other sites feeding
from the same upstream IDD nodes as you are not showing the same

>i have since cut ngrid off again to lighten the
>load... servers are all less tan 0.5% cpu load.

The rtstats latency plots do not look like the classic case of
packet shaping that we have seen at a number of sites.  I do note,
however, that the latencies have gone down over the past couple of

Perhaps we should monitor the situation to see if it clears up
by itself.


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