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20051008: NEXRCOMP

>From:  Russ Dengel <address@hidden>
>Organization:  SSEC
>Keywords:  200510081414.j98EExG7020430 adde.ucar.edu

Hi Russ,

>I can't seen to get to the NEXRCOMP/1KN0R-NAT ADDE dataset on 
>adde.ucar.edu.  Is the machine down?

The machine is currently unavailable.  The NCAR machine room is undergoing
its semi-annual maintenance.  I am hoping that adde.ucar.edu will be
back up soon.

>I tried to switch to one of the 
>alternate servers (papagayo.unl.edu) and it also fails to show any datasets.

I am also seeing problems on papagayo.  atm.geo.nsf.gov is available; I just
loaded the latest NEXRCOMP/1KN0R-NAT from it.



>From address@hidden  Sat Oct  8 11:10:13 2005


Ok that fixed it I switched over to atm.geo.nsf.gov. Thanks for the