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20050909: Failover to thelma

>From: Nancy Selover <address@hidden>
>Organization: ASU
>Keywords: 200509091753.j89HrXnX000806 IDD failover

Hi Nancy,

>       We normally feed from nimbus.atmo.arizona.edu, and fail over to
>thelma, but we have a new server to replace mothra (still running as
>backup) and I don't think you have it on your list for feeding.  The new
>server is:
>Can you add us to your list to feed as our failover site.

First, the correct IDD failover site at UCAR is:


The SunFire 480R that had been 'thelma.ucar.edu' has been retired.  We
still honor connection requests to 'thelma.ucar.edu' via a Cname
construct.  We would _much_ rather that folks request directly from the
real relay, idd.unidata.ucar.edu.

Your site has been allowed for all non-restricted feeds from


Tom Yoksas
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>From address@hidden  Fri Sep  9 12:12:04 2005

Thank you very much.  I will change my godzilla ldmd.conf file to use
idd.unidata.ucar.edu for failover.  Won't need the failover right now,
as nimbus came back up and is stable.