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20050805: 20050805: LDM and the SCOOP project

>From:  Gerry Creager <address@hidden>
>Organization:  TAMU
>Keywords:  200508051331.j75DV7jo008831 LDM IDD SCOOP

Hi Gerry,

>I sent a followup to Steve's note already.  I'll touch base via phone 
>next week, but I'm thinking 23 could plan to be there for the 24th. 
>I've spent a lot of con call time over last year learning that sometimes 
>it's worth the plane trip!

Perhaps you missed the comment about my schedule:

  I, on the other hand, will be taking some vacation starting on
  Saturday, August 20.  I will return to the office on Thursday, August
  25 or Friday, August 26.

>Two thoughts: I'd prefer to sit down face-to-face for most of a day, and 
>come home, to a similar length telecon where we can't do sidebar 
>discussions with whiteboards and picture drawing.

Do you think it will take an entire day?

>Second, I'm not sure 
>I can survive being gone from Boulder more than 2 weeks at a time...



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