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20050615: GEM data request from waterspout to idd.unidata.ucar.edu (cont.)

>From: "Mower, Richard N" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Central Michigan University
>Keywords:  200506142253.j5EMkbZv021384 IDD GEM data request

Hi Neil,

>Hi Tom:  We will implement these changes and so I have forwarded your
>message to Mel Taylor (address@hidden) who is our network
>administrator.  Thanks!  Neil

Thanks for the quick reply!  I have updated our LDM/IDD contact list:


to show Mel instead of you.  Can you give me Mel's phone number so his
entry on the site contact page will be complete?  Thanks!


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>From address@hidden  Wed Jun 15 08:16:25 2005

Tom:  Mel's phone # is 989-774-3890.  Neil