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Re: 20050609:I2 vs commodity SJose -> UAF

Hi Jim et al,

U of Wash feeds from us (UCAR) via I2, and would go to UAF/GI on I2 as
well so suspect latencies to be quite low..

We are using the LDM, quite easy to re-configure to ingest from U of Wash
instead of SJSU..just edit the ldmd.conf file in ~ldm/etc..and stop and

So yes and yes...;)

We will dial this in at your convenience,

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On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Jim Williams wrote:

> We're starting to step out of my area of exptertise (I'm just a security
> geek who knows a little bit about networking).  Tim Larrabee is the better
> person to talk to & he's out of the office until Monday.  With that
> disclaimer, here goes nothin':
> Jeff - Can you get a conduit to UW?  What does the sjsu <-> UW path look
> like latency-wise?
> Rob - What are you using to catch the data from sjsu?  If its not a
> traditional file transfer app like ftp/sftp/scp/whatever, can it be
> configured to grab the datastream from an UW address instead of the sjsu
> address?
> If the answers to both of the above are yes and the latency on the conduit
> is lower than the sjsu <-> firberstar path then it sounds like a good choice
> to me.
> Jeff Weber wrote:
> > Hi Jim et al,
> >
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