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Planned power outages for SJSU Network

For those sites feeding from rossby.met.sjsu.edu:
We have a planned power outage in the campus computer center this Sunday, June 5, from 7 AM PDT (14Z) to 5 PM PDT (00Z). This will cause a network outage and we will be unable to relay IDD data. Those sites feeding from rossby may wish to use their failover sites for the weekend.

There will be an additional power outage of 48 hours from 5 PM PDT, June 17 to 5 PM PDT, June 19. The campus computer center is installing a complete generator on demand power backup system.....they say it will last for 20 years :-)

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Mike Voss
Department of Meteorology
San Jose State University
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San Jose, CA 95192-0104

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