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20050519: [address@hidden: Re: CONDUIT data]


No, CONDUIT provides full grids for ETA Alaska on grid 216.

I think your user did have a confusion, since RUC20KM is available
on Grid #252 on CONDUIT. Note, Grid #252 is a CONUS region
and not an Alaska region.

The GRIB2 format data in the NGRID feed from NOAAPORT provides
ETA/NAM on grid #242 which is 11.25km.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

>From: Celia Chen <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200505191954.j4JJspP3021703

>Dear Support,
>I was asked this simple question:
>Is ETA grid 252 (Alaska) available on CONDUIT?
>Please help!
>----- Forwarded message from Laurie Carson <address@hidden> -----
>From: Laurie Carson <address@hidden>
>To: Celia Chen <address@hidden>
>Subject: Re: CONDUIT data
>Celia - Thanks for checking in to this... Craig (the forecaster
>here) was looking at an NCEP (I think) site which had images of
>the Alaska ETA (NAM) grid, wondering if we might use that to 
>initialize our MM5 (instead of GFS, which files are so large as
>to nearly always time-out before getting up here!).  He thought 
>it was grid 252, but maybe it's labelled wrong!  I'll continue 
>looking into it next week...
>On Thu, May 19, 2005 at 08:59:38AM -0600, Celia Chen wrote:
>> Hi Laurie,
>> Still couldn't find eta252.  The files in : 
>> ftp://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/SL.us008001/ST.opnl/MT.eta_AR.ak_CY.06/RD.20050519/
> PT.grid_DF.gr1
>> look like grid 242 with file names like fh.0000_tl.press_gr.awp242.
>> On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 07:43:42PM -0600, Celia Chen wrote:
>> > Hi Laurie,
>> > 
>> > I just checked the pqact.conf on clamp.  I didn't find eta252 but 
>> > there is ETA216 with "ak" at the end of its name.  I will check
>> > tomorrow to see if I can find eta252.
>> > 
>> > Celia
>> > 
>> > 
>> > On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 07:01:22PM -0600, Laurie Carson wrote:
>> > > Celia - Do you know if the ETA grid 252 (Alaska) is available on CONDUIT
> ?
>> > > 
>> > > Thanks - Laurie 
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