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20050518: WMO feed via stokes (cont.)

>From:  Jeff Weber <address@hidden>
>Organization:  OU
>Keywords:  200505182256.j4IMuTTm007093

Hi Mark,

Just to augment Jeff's note.  On April 29, stokes started receiving
a significantly increased volume of data tagged as WMO.  Please


Stokes is getting this data from magic.ocs.ou.edu.

Is magic.ocs.ou.edu a NOAAPORT ingest box (if yes, whose)?  If yes, it
is labeling data using the WMO feedtype "incorrectly".  I say
incorrectly since stokes is receiving the data and then relaying it to
several downstreams in the IDD:


Can you help us find out who manages magic.ocs.ou.edu; to verify
that they started inserting 'WMO'-tagged data at the end of April;
that you are requesting it; and that it is leaking out into the IDD?

Thanks in advance...



Jeff Weber wrote:

>Are you guys doing anythinhg unique with the WMO feed from stokes..?
> edu
> .edu
>Your volume is MUCH larger...
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