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20050508: daffy doa


Thats OK. I'm sure it was only a little more inconvenient for me to
come down on Mother's day, I'm sure! ;-o

Anyhow, I came in and did a reset to daffy. It ignored that. Then
tried the power button on the case....it ignored that as well
even after 15 seconds of holding it down. Alas, powered off
the box with the rocker switch and back on. No fans running.
Nothing. Network card has a light so there is some power to the case,
and the I light on the front of the case blinks, but nothing seems to 
run otherwise....no disk, fans,monitor signal etc. So, probably down for
a while.


On Sun, 2005-05-08 at 11:33, Unidata Support wrote:
> >From: Steve Chiswell <address@hidden>
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> >Keywords: 200505081728.j48HSGtT022456
> Chiz,
> >I guess completely unrelated is that daffy seems to have gone down.
> >
> >I'll see if I can drop in and sii if it just needs kicking, or if the
> >power supply is melting again. If anyone else happens to be around,
> >see if there are flames coming from the back PC in my office.
> I would stop by, but it would be a might inconvenient as I am in my
> hotel room in Valladolid, Spain at the moment :-)
> Cheers,
> Tom
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