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20050429: Help getting Precip Grids


I'll let Tom chime in from Vienna regarding XCD, but the quick and
dirty is:

DPA data in the HRS feed are SDUS8x products. These are NIDS format products, 
not grib,
so there is no connection whatsoever to gribtonc to create NetCDF files.

GEMPAK can display these products (I wrote the algorithms, the products still 
in the data stream). 

To my knowledge, McIDAS does not have the capability to view these products
in their NIDS representation, so I cannot tell you what your colleagues were
looking at. There are 1 hour precipitation products (N1P) in the NIDS products
that can be displayed as traditional radial products, those these are not the 
DPA products.


>From: Jennie Moody <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200504292036.j3TKajP3024271

>Hello support (Tom, Chis, Jeff, whomever)....
>Its been awhile since I asked any questions, its been awhile since I have 
>had time to focus on things mcidas/unidata, etc.
>Anyway, I recently had a question from a colleague.  He is trying to access 
>the digital precipitation array (radar estimated hourly precip grids) and 
>want to know if I can grab it with the ldm.  Actually, he is working with 
>David Legates from Deleware, and since we have an ldm/McIDAS running and 
>have worked with grids from the HRS feed in the ldm, I guess they thought I 
>might be able to access these data more readily than the folks at Delaware. 
>I did get on-line and searched the archives for messages on the DPA, and 
>saw the recent questions that David asked (this was quick and helpful). 
>So, I guess I should have access to the DPA grids through the HRS 
>feed....but, I am only running the following in my pqact:
>># Entries for McIDAS-XCD decoders
>> DDPLUS|IDS      ^.*     PIPE
>>         xcd_run DDS
>> HRS     ^.*     PIPE
>>         xcd_run HRS
>So, first question:  is there a McIDAS-XCD decoder to read the HRS feed of 
>the NEXRAD Level III DPA grids?  If so, how do I find these grids (I looked 
>through the NOGRIB.CFG file (historically, a source of much confusion in my 
>brain) and don't see entries for anything other than model grids).
>If my xcd-decoders are not getting this from the HRS stream, then even if I 
>am not running gempak, it should be possilbe to run a gribtonc to 
>locate/save the DPA grids in the HRS datastream for a selected set of 
>stations and save them in netcdf format, right?
>I know that these guys have written some of their own software to read and 
>process DPA files, and they apparently recently lost the access they had to 
>these grids through some commercial provider.  I haven't been able to 
>contact the guy who wrote the software that reads the DPA grids, but I am 
>assuming that he (or I) can read the NETCDF files and get what he needs.
>Second question, any possibility that these grids are available through an 
ADDE server so I could pull them up and view them in McIDAS, that might be 
>helpful (though its not necessary at all).
>Finally, third question, since I haven't been able to identify why the 
>previous source that these guys had for these grids went away, please let 
>me know if I am chasing a chimera (ie., is it possible that the DPA grids 
>are no longer being sent out on NOAAPort??).
>Hope this is all straight forward.
>Hey, in a separate note, I have FINALLY installed and tried out the IDV, 
>have had a couple of enthusiastic undergraduates trying to learn it.  I 
>hope to attend the McIDAS and IDV workshops this summer (if I can get some 
>funding from my Department), and would like to get back up to snuff with 
>things unidata before I teach a new course (new for UVA) on weather 
>forecasting this fall.
>Happy Friday to all my Unidata friends.
>Be well,
>                    Jennie Lynne Moody, Ph.D.
>                  Research Associate Professor
>Department of Environmental Sciences       Ph: (434) 924-0592
>University of Virginia
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