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20050419: Current list of top level CRAFT systems

>From: Harry Edmon <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Washington
>Keywords: 200504191544.j3JFiZv2006705 IDD request NEXRAD2

Hi Harry,

>Currently I have the following in my ldmd.conf file:
>request CRAFT                           ".*"
>request CRAFT                           ".*"
>request CRAFT                           ".*"
>request CRAFT                           ".*"
>request CRAFT                           ".*"
>request CRAFT                           ".*"
>However, 233 and 234 have not responded in a while.  Is this list correct?

It appears that the machines doing the feeding at present are:

While the site feeding the data was involved in the CRAFT project, the
approach was to have 6 machines in the pool.  This allowed OU to take
any machine out of service for any reason (OS upgrade, hardware replacement,
etc.) without interrupting service.

I just sent off a note to the IRaDS group contact, Carl Sinclair, (and
CCed you) asking him if the set of feed machines has been reduced from
6 to 4.


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